Megan: Hi there. My name is Megan. I'm 16 years old and I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada. I found out I had epilepsy when I ended up in the ER after having two seizures. It's changed my lifestyle completely. I've had to change so many aspects of my life and I've sacrificed a lot, but it's all been a learning experience. I got the first comic at my support group meeting and I loved it! Then a year later, someone contacted me after watching one of my Youtube videos to tell me about the contest. I entered just to see where it would lead me. I didn't even expect to be picked. I thought it would be great just to share my story even if I wasn't picked. I was overcome with so many emotions after I got that call.

Happy, proud, mostly was one of the best moments and I know I'll never forget it. The new book explains my journey to adjusting and coming to terms with having epilepsy. It shows all aspects of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I made sure the bad parts were in it too because I didn't want people to think that I was super human. I break down, cry and get upset just like anyone else. But I'm here now, happy and at peace and I wanted to show that after all these hardships, I overcame it and they can too.

I think it will help explain to people how hard having epilepsy is or having a friend or loved one with epilepsy can really be. It'll help people feel like they're not alone. Even I was depressed and angry and it's perfectly OK to feel that way. Speaking out and just sharing my story has really become my therapy. But this way I'm helping others feel less alienated and in turn it's helping me feel better too. This experience is definitely a once in a lifetime thing. It's fantastic. In the words of someone who really helped me transition to this kind of life, my therapist Brad, I would tell other people with epilepsy to just do things...things that make you happy, things that you love, and don't ever let epilepsy stop you from living your life.

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