Izzy: My name is Isabelle Heimerle. I'm from Verona, New Jersey and I'm 11 years old. I started wheezing when I was about 2 and the doctors started calling it asthma when I was 6. I never really knew what asthma was until my parents explained it to me. It feels like someone is squeezing your chest, and then once you take a breath in, you can't let it back out. 


Chris: Izzy's an athlete. She loves sports. She wants to run. She wants to play games so, I think it's been tough on her because it's affected her in athletics.


Izzy: I love playing soccer because it's fun to run and it's fun to score goals and have fun with your team. There was one time where I didn't take my inhaler because I didn't want to. I went to one of my soccer games and in the first half I had an asthma attack. Then they took me out for about 5 minutes and in the second half I had an asthma attack at the end of the game and they took me out for the whole rest of the game. I didn't want to take my inhaler at first because I felt like I didn't need it. When they took me out of the game I felt mad, and I was like, why didn't I take my inhaler...because now I'm sitting out of the game and I really want to play.


Kristie: When she had the asthma attack that took her out of the game, she was not taking her medicine the way she was supposed to be, so I explained to her that if you were taking your medicine the way you're supposed to everyday, you wouldn't have as much swelling in her airways and you'd be able to play more and I think that kind of hit home when they pulled her from the game. I think when you bring your child to the doctor, the doctors talk to the parents because they're responsible for the child, then the kids sit there in the room and they hear these two adults talking, and all these scary words, and a lot of times they get forgotten. You know just because the parent understands what's going on, the child might not so we were lucky enough to come across the resources from Jumo Health and they explained asthma from a kid's perspective and explained it to Isabelle, ya know what asthma was and what it means when your airways are constricted and how to take medication and that was really helpful for her understanding of things too.


Chris: The advice I would give parents would be to stick with it with your kids because it's so important to stay on your meds. If you follow the medicines your child could live a normal healthy life.


Izzy: I always thought that, now I have asthma I can't do sports anymore and my mom always told me that I could I just had to remember to take my inhaler. Don't let asthma hold you back from sports or exercises that you like to do. Never be afraid just because your doctor said you have asthma.

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