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Columba Quigley, MD

Associate Vice President and Editor In Chief

"Sit. Feast on your life."

- Derek Walcott

Having been a practicing physician and a medical humanities scholar, Columba understands the critical importance of delivering medical information that is accessible, understandable, and meaningful for all ages and all literacy levels.

Her clinical years involved caring for patients with chronic and often incurable medical conditions. As lead clinician in her specialty, she worked collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team and with colleagues in various medical and surgical specialties. Her research focused on the clinical pharmacology of opioids and she co-authored, Opioids for Cancer Pain. As editor of The Cochrane Collaboration Pain and Palliative Care Group, her academic experience extended to evidence-based medicine, and the importance of ensuring that individual patient care is supported and underpinned by the best possible literature.

Columba's realization that the medical language of illness often undermines the patient experience, leading to confusion, miscommunication, and distress for those affected, led to an exploration beyond the medical world. She completed a Masters in Medicine and Literature at King's College, London, which included a study of the unique impact of the visual and verbal comic book format to facilitate communication within the medical arena. Working with others in the humanities field, she was involved in initiating the first Graphic Medicine conference, which continues to flourish annually.

Unsurprisingly, Columba's passion for facilitating and enhancing patients' understanding of the conditions that affect them, led her to Jumo Health. As Editor in Chief, she works with a team of writers, ensuring that all medical content is evidence-based, peer reviewed, and achieves its goal of appropriately educating the target audience on the condition and/or treatment plan.

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