Procysbi Case Study | Jumo Health

Driving Adherence for Procysbi

The Problem

A combination of a complex dosing regimen, administration requirements, and non-adherence was leading to side effects.

The Solution
Patient looks confused with crossed arms and shockwaves on belly to signify side effects. Patient is surrounded by elements of a complex dosing regimen (foods, medicine, calendars, clocks)

The Solution

We developed mechanism of action videos with a specific focus on administration, explaining and showing why it is important it take it exactly as prescribed. To ensure authenticity, we filmed a real patient who shared her story for taking Procysbi as prescribed each day.

The Products
Tablet displaying stomach and small and large intestine with x and checkmark symbols showing why it is important it take Procysbi exactly as prescribed

The Products

3D CGI Animation and Live Action Video

Get Started
Young adult patient watching the mechanism of action video on a tablet. Above the patient are several icons reresenting different topics discussed in the video.
Therapeutic Area
Age of Onset