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From real patient stories to MoA CGI, our mixed media solutions are backed by advocacy groups and designed to drive adherence.

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“We do a lot of cool things ... but this one holds a special spot. If you are a kid, how do you tell other kids about why you or your parent may be "different"? If you're a parent with young kids, how do you describe a complex disease to them so that they can understand it? Really proud to have been a part of this project!”

- Gediminas Pliura, Senior Product Manager, Sanofi

We are subject matter experts in pediatrics.

Ensuring patients and caregivers can understand and act upon a physician's instructions is critical. We work with brand managers and agencies to create resources that make this possible. From our flagship comic book line to CGI, we help clients take the complex and make it actionable for patients and caregivers.

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Patients forget 80% of what a doctor tells them
of what "is" remembered - is wrong
of patients don’t think their doctor spends enough time with them
of patients do not receive materials they can understand

Driving Adherence

Find out how we helped our client tackle non-adherence by showing patients the importance of following administration instructions and how HCPs can play a key role.

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New Indication Launch

In a highly competitive and fragmented market, it’s not always easy to distinguish yourself. Learn how we helped an epilepsy franchise stand out.

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Patient Centricity

Every so often celebrities place a condition on center stage. While helpful on an awareness level, learn how we used an authentic approach to address the MS community by developing a patient-centric program, driving engagement and trust.

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