Along with our flagship comic book line, Jumo products allow children, families, and caregivers to learn and better manage their condition through podcasts, videos, games, and more.

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Jumo’s signature comics—featuring our Medikidz superheroes—cover 100s of conditions in a format kids LOVE. Currently published in 50 countries and over 30 languages, and covering common conditions as well as rare diseases, our superheroes empower YOUR superhero to own his or her health.

Great for kids 6 & up


Watch real families talk candidly about their experiences living with different conditions, and see complex medical concepts broken down into accessible animations and infographics.



Our on-demand podcast series covers all aspects of a condition from diagnosis, through treatment, to ongoing management. Listen to real stories from families, alongside discussions with health care professionals, guiding patients on how to best manage their condition. 

Great for kids 12 & up



Clinical Trials

Pediatric Clinical Trials are traditionally designed for adults—until now. We repurpose trial documents in age-appropriate ways—complete with resources to ensure compliance.

Medication Adherence

Non-adherence affects some 80% of those in treatment. Our resources ensure treatment plans are followed. Sign up to learn when the app is available in your country!

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