Introducing Jumo

Teaser episode about the evolution from Medikidz and its signature comic book line distributed to 50 countries in 30 languages, to Jumo with its digital platform of podcasts, videos, apps, and enterprise solutions.

February 20, 2017

Narrator (Rebecca): Welcome to the Jumo Podcast series where we bring the experiences of real patients directly to you. At Jumo, we provide the resources for children and families to understand, manage, and own their health. To learn more about us and the things we do, visit us at That's

Kevin: Like most ideas, it began in an instant. Our founder, a doctor, saw the fear ordering a simple x-ray can cause a child. It was at that moment her thinking evolved. Understanding that education can play a key role in eliminating the uncertainty often felt at diagnosis, Medikidz was born to educate, inspire, and empower children living with medical conditions through comic books and superheroes.

Serving families in more than 50 countries 30 languages, we saw how children and families learn about their health evolve. With the adoption of video, podcasts, and other forms of social media, we saw the way people consume information evolve.

So today, today we see Medikidz evolve; welcoming more ways of learning beyond comic books so that children, families, and caregivers can learn in their way. With these new ways of learning, we also welcome a new name. Introducing Jumo - providing the resources for children and families to understand, manage, and own their health.

Narrator (Rebecca): Thanks for listening! We'll be adding new episodes all the time, so if you want to hear about your specific medical condition, let us know. Go to and connect with us. We'll even remind you when we release our next episode. The Jumo podcast series is produced in New York City and distributed worldwide. Join us next time on Jumo.

The Jumo Podcast is a production of Medikidz USA, Inc.