Understanding Blood Tests Audiobook

Medical procedures can sound scary. The Medikidz help Freddy overcome his fears about having a blood test, in this audiobook version of our award-winning comic book Understanding Blood Tests.

November 8, 2017

Rebecca: Hi there and welcome to a special audiobook installment of Jumo’s In My Words podcast series.

At Jumo, we produce everything from comic books that explain difficult medical conditions, to videos where families share practical insight and their stories of hope. Learning how to manage life after a diagnosis can be stressful and confusing, and we aim to make that a little easier. 

Ok, let’s get started. Today’s story comes from our Understanding Blood Tests comic book. Having any sort of procedure in the hospital can be nerve-wracking at first; but being prepared and learning why these procedures are necessary can make the experience a lot less scary. Join Freddie as he and the Medikidz take a trip through a human body having a blood test.

Narrator: At the hospital…

Dr. Diane: Well, Freddie, it sounds like your treatment is working as expected but you’ll need to have a blood test to make sure.

Take a seat in the waiting room and Nurse Ali will call your name when it’s your turn.

Dad: Thanks, Doctor Diane!

Freddie: I’ll need to have a what?!

A blood test?!

Pump: Hey Freddie, you okay? You look pretty worried.

Freddie: Hey Medikidz!

Worried pretty much sums it up! Doctor Diane said that I need to have a blood test. What does that even mean?!

Axon: Well, let me tell you everything you need to know about blood tests. Chapter 1—

Skindy: Or we could show you, which means a trip to…Mediland!


Freddie: Um, Dad, is it okay if---?

Dad: Sure Freddie, you go hang out with your friends.

Narrator: In Medi-HQ…

Chi: Lots of people need to have a blood test at some point in their life.

Pump: Blood tests are really useful. They can help your doctor know how healthy you are.

Freddie: Really? You can tell all that from a blood test?

Gastro: That and more!

Abacus: Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body.


Chi: Let’s take a closer look.

Narrator: Inside one of Mediland’s veins…

Freddie: Whoa! This really is a closer look! We’re actually inside a vein!

Red Blood Cell: Welcome to the bloodstream!

Gastro: Your blood is made up of cells and a liquid called plasma. The cells travel around in the plasma.

Let’s meet the cells!

Pump: Red blood cells carry oxygen all around your body.

White blood cells protect your body from germs. Germs can cause infections that make you unwell.

Platelets make blood clots that help your body to heal, if you have a cut.

Lots of other things, like glucose, medicines, and chemicals that your body needs, travel in the blood. Blood tests can look at all these different things.

Let’s see how it’s done. Back to HQ!

Narrator: Back in Medi-HQ…

Axon: To test Mediland’s blood, we will need to put on these Hyperspiralizing Deuterium Nanowave Parabolic Oscillating Suits.

Freddie: Um, really?

Axon: But of course.

Pump: Your blood sample will be taken by a doctor, a nurse, or another health worker.

Abacus: They’ll tie a tight band called a tourniquet around your upper arm. This makes it easier to find a vein.

Chi: Before the blood test, your skin will be cleaned with a wipe to get rid of any germs.

Skindy: They put a small needle through your skin and into the vein. It feels like a sharp pinch that doesn’t last long.

Gastro: The needle is attached to a tube that sucks up a small sample of your blood.

Axon: Then they take off the tourniquet, remove the needle, put a bandage on, and you’re all done!

Freddie: Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad. But, if blood’s so great, don’t I need to hang on to it?

Pump: Your body will make new blood to replace the blood taken for the test very quickly.

Chi: Your doctor or nurse will write your name on the bottle, so they know it’s your blood.

Axon: Now let’s take this blood to the laboratory.

Shrink ray activated.

Pump: Gotcha!

Chi: Everyone ready?

Narrator: In the hospital laboratory…

Pump: Scientists analyze your blood sample in the laboratory…and send the results to your doctor.

Skindy: Your doctor will explain the results of your blood test to you and your parents.

Narrator: Back in the waiting room…

Nurse Ali: All set, Freddie?

Freddie: You betcha!

Narrator: A short time later…

Dad: Great Job Freddie!

Freddie: Thanks, Dad! Having it all explained at every step really helped.

Axon: Indeed. It says exactly that in here in Chapter 162.

Pump: Way to go, Freddie!

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