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Jumo’s signature comics—featuring our Medikidz superheroes—cover 100s of topics in a format kids LOVE. Published in 65 countries and over 55 languages, our comics address chronic and acute conditions, rare diseases, and procedures so that YOUR superhero can own their health.

Great for kids 6 & up


Watch real families talk candidly about their experiences living with different conditions in our In My Shoes® series. See complex medical concepts broken down into relatable animations and infographics.

Great for the whole family


Our In My Words® podcast series covers all aspects of a condition from diagnosis, through treatment, to ongoing management. Listen to real stories from families, alongside discussions with health care professionals, guiding patients on how to best manage their condition.

Great for kids 12 & up

Discussion Guides

Have you ever met with the doctor only to forget what to ask or worse, what he said? It’s natural to be overwhelmed and forgetful in those situations. Our list of discussion guides help initiate meaningful and informative conversation at your next doctor appointment. Don’t forget a pen!

Great for the caregiver


Searching for medical information can be confusing for patients and caregivers. Our JumoConnect platform is a trusted destination that provides personalized, authentic, and accurate resources explaining procedures, conditions, and treatment pathways.

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