An interview with Project Manager, Kelsey Scott 


Great companies are made up of great people. Here at Jumo Health, our most valuable resource is our team. We are a collective of medical folk, product people, designers, and storytellers that share a common goal to change health care today. Through our We Are Jumo Health series, we will introduce you to the dedicated people who are the heartbeat of Jumo Health.

This month, we’d like you to meet Kelsey Scott, a Project Manager at Jumo Health. Kelsey joined the Jumo Health team in January of 2021. With her can-do, positive attitude, and her passion for driving patient outcomes, Kelsey has been a strong addition to our team. Meet Kelsey!

Kelsey Scott

What led you to Jumo Health?

I fell in love with Jumo Health because of its mission to promote health literacy for adults and children who are eligible for clinical trials. I learned early on that Jumo Health works with companies that are finding treatments for incredibly rare diseases. I know from my past working on clinical trials at Upstate Medical University that it has the potential to change lives, especially for those living with diseases that have few, if any, interventions. I was amazed by the fact that the materials that we develop here are readable enough at a 3rd grade level allowing more people at various levels of educational attainment and SES to be involved in these studies. This was foundational to my training in anthropology and public health, and also to the work I had done with femtech founders in the past year. For me, this means neighbors, friends, and family have the opportunity to receive education about rare and emerging diseases and have greater access to groundbreaking therapies.


What motivates you?

Accessibility! Compiling information that opens doors for people in my community, in the POC community, to access resources and opportunities that could improve their quality of life. I love exploring and leaning into the extraordinary, and I want others to be able to do the same.


Kelsey Scott

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

I would love to practice herbal medicine as a professor in a Natural Products Lab and a practitioner with the time I have left during the week. I love all of the therapeutic interventions that nature has to offer, and I would love to be a part of that therapeutic discovery day-to-day. It would be a great pleasure to inform holistic lifestyles for clients, and aid folks in finding and restoring their inner peace.


If you want to learn more about Kelsey, you can connect with her on LinkedIn. Want to work for Jumo Health? Check out our career opportunities