New Logo Underscores Commitment to Personalized Health Care Resources


For us, our brand is more than just a logo. It’s more than a new business card or website. For us, it’s personal. Our brand is our promise — a promise we hold dear and proudly stand behind publicly. At Jumo Health, we believe that deficiencies in health literacy and reading comprehension prevent patients from achieving optimal outcomes. And because patients come in different ages, have reached different educational levels, and have various treatment plans, our resources are customized by age and use mixed media so that patients can learn on their own terms. This is our commitment — to ensure that patients are well prepared and have the tools to make decisions, act, and stay compliant — and our brand identity.

As we consistently look to refine our products to better serve our customers and patients, we also seek to ensure our brand identity reflects that same promise to the community. 

Today, we are excited to unveil the evolution of our brand. In an effort to visually reinforce our personalized health care resources, we have replaced our motion logo with a fingerprint to underscore the fundamental nature of our offerings.

Jumo Health logo

We know that when it comes to educating patients, no one size fits all. Our evidence-based offerings let each individual find the product that’s right for them — whether a comic book, animation, podcast, or real patient story. Our solutions are designed with patients at the center, aiming to always meet them where they are. 

So today not only marks the announcement of our new brand identity, but also our continued commitment and promise to you — to provide personalized health care experiences that give patients and caregivers the foundation for success.