The Health Literacy Experts Provide Trusted Health Information to Health Care Providers on the Frontlines 


New York City (24 July 2020) — On the heels of launching their online COVID-19 Resource Center, Jumo Health, the global provider of age appropriate health care resources, has donated a supply of its COVID-19 related resources to hundreds of hospitals whose service areas cover nearly 159 million people. This service has been provided at no cost to the hospitals in partnership with The Hibbert Group. 

Using the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), Jumo Health’s team of medical researchers, writers, and animators created culturally sensitive print and digital resources to provide information on this specific coronavirus, how to protect yourself and the community to stop the spread, and more.

“We are honored to assist Jumo Health in their efforts to educate people on COVID-19 and other chronic illnesses.  We join them in expressing our gratitude to the frontline workers dedicated to fighting this unprecedented pandemic,” said Tim Moonan, CEO of The Hibbert Group. 


Raising Health Literacy to Alleviate Fear of the Unknown

Nearly 90% of the population is health illiterate which includes not having access to information that can promote better health outcomes. Building on its commitment to provide patient friendly, evidence based information that addresses the fundamental issues of health literacy — including age, education attainment, and cultural bias — Jumo Health published a suite of highly visual COVID-19 resources that enable patients and caregivers to make informed decisions and act upon physicians instructions. 

“The unfortunate reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a chronic issue that has plagued the US and world countries for decades and this disparity in health literacy has proven to cripple communities and stifle economies. Thanks to our friends at The Hibbert Group, we are able to work together to ensure access to education at the point of care is available to allow frontline workers to focus on what they do best — administering care,” shared Kevin Aniskovich, Jumo Health President and CEO.

To access the COVID-19 Resource Center online, please visit For more information on how we are here to help you and our community, email


About The Hibbert Group 

The Hibbert Group is a full service provider of Integrated Marketing Solutions, including International Fulfillment, Database & MCM, and Professional Services.


About Jumo Health

Jumo Health develops age appropriate, educational resources for patients and their care circle for use throughout their medical journey.

By working with providers, manufacturers, and advocacy groups, we ensure our resources are available at the moment of diagnosis, during a treatment regimen, or while participating in a clinical trial. With the belief that an informed patient is a compliant patient, Jumo Health designs practical solutions using popular mediums. With experience providing resources to more than 70 countries in 80 languages, covering more than 200 topics, our mixed media solutions range from comic books to animated videos, are evidence based and peer reviewed, and pay careful attention to health literacy and reading comprehension barriers.