NEW YORK AND LONDON (APRIL 26TH, 2016) - Living with epilepsy can be challenging, and even scary at times, but it doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing your dreams. With the help of their superpowers, the “Medikidz” are back to show young readers that you may be able to continue doing what you love while living with epilepsy.

This week, Eisai Inc. announced the availability of its latest book in the series of school-age comic books —as part of the company’s commitment to advancing epilepsy care by educating and addressing the stigma associated with the condition.

The new book “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy,” tells the story inspired by 12-year-old Hannah and Olympic medal-winning ice hockey player Chanda Gunn. In the story, Hannah considers quitting ice hockey after experiencing a seizure during a big game. But with the help of the Medikidz, she travels back in time to visit 12-year-old Chanda, who was having similar doubts about sticking with hockey after her own epilepsy diagnosis. Knowing that Chanda has a big future ahead of her, Hannah encourages her to keep playing, despite her epilepsy—and in the process realizes that she wants to continue playing the sport she loves too.

As a spokesperson for the Epilepsy Foundations’ Athletes vs Epilepsy, a nationwide program that brings epilepsy and seizure awareness to different sports through participation by athletes, Chanda is proud to help raise awareness and reducing stigma through both initiatives. For more information, please visit

To order a free copy of the new book and to learn more about Hannah’s and Chanda’s experiences playing sports and living with epilepsy, visit

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