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June 19, 2018

Comics, Podcasts and MS | In My Words - Adriana's Story

By: Spencer Whaley & Columba Quigley

We are so excited to announce our newest installment of the Jumo Podcast Series, In My Words. These episodes - five in total - share the story of Adriana, a thirty three year old mother of two who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of twenty six. Multiple sclerosis affects the central nervous system–brain and spinal cord–and is characterized by recurrent episodes of inflammation. The inflammation results in a wide range of symptoms, including problems with balance, arm and leg movement, vision, and sensation.

Through the series’ discussion with Adriana about her life with MS, these episodes provide a comprehensive understanding of both the condition itself and of an individual's experience of living with it. Each episode focuses on different areas, for example the impact of the disease and disease management. The episodes include contributions from neurologist Dr. Mike Boggild and MS nurse Belinda Bardsley as they provide details on MS, how it affects the body, and the various treatment options. Alongside this, we hear Adriana’s personal experiences living with the condition. Providing such a candid portrait of her life with MS, Adriana, helped by the team of clinical experts, provides listeners with a truly comprehensive understanding of the condition and how it impacts the individual. For Adriana, despite the shock of the diagnosis, and the changes that the MS diagnosis has necessitated, she remains positive. “In my words having MS means that my life is going to be a little bit different to the life that I imagined for myself. It’s doesn’t mean it's going to be a bad one. I actually think I have a pretty amazing life and I've made it that way.”

Within the episodes, Adriana emphasizes the lack of available resources to help explain MS when she was diagnosed. Jumo Health understands MS is a complex condition, and understanding what it is, how it affects the body, what the treatments options are, and what the future may hold, can be very confusing, not only for the person with MS but also for the entire family.

To ensure we adequately serve the community, we also recently published a comic book about MS, Understanding Multiple Sclerosis, geared towards the children of those with the diagnosis. The comic illustrates the personal story of Morgan, a teenager, whose mother has the condition. By the end of the book, with some help from Jumo’s own Medikidz superheroes, Morgan comes to understand and reconcile with her mother’s illness. As Morgan states, “it helps if you, and the people you care about, understand what they are going through.”

Both the comic book and the podcast series serve as educational resources for those diagnosed with and affected by MS, facilitating a greater understanding of the condition and personal journey. The intent of this series on Multiple Sclerosis, and indeed all Jumo Health resources, is to help those affected with a medical condition to cope with the challenges presented by a diagnosis.

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