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Hemophilia: Vaughn's Story

Hemophilia: Vaughn's Story

Support for this episode comes from Novo Nordisk. Vaughn shares what it was like growing up with hemophilia and how medicine has helped ...

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

5 Ways to Improve Patient Education

The article explains what patient education means, its purpose, the benefits, how to choose effective patient education materials, and wh...

Hemophilia comics

Understanding Hemophilia For All Ages

Jumo Health and the National Hemophilia Foundation seek to increase health literacy with the release of four evidence-based comic books.

Jumo Health Honored for Two Videos

Jumo Health Named as Finalist for the Inaugural Sharecare Awards

Two Videos from the Global Health Education Provider Make the Cut

Sharecare Awards Polls Open

Sharecare Names Finalists for Inaugural Sharecare Awards

Public voting open for Sharing Care Award until Jan. 25; all Sharecare Award winners revealed on March 14 at special event in Atlanta and...

family dinner table

What Science Says About Eating Dinner Together As A Family

What can breaking bread together at the same table really do for you and your kids?

teen vaping

What You Need To Know About E-Cigarettes, Vaping, and Your Teens

Vaping is a novelty that many children simply don’t know the dangers of.

holiday ornaments

Advice for Surviving the Holiday Season with Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s disease is often triggered by diet and stress, two things that can be very present during the holidays.

Planning your day

A Day In A Life With T1D

In honor of national diabetes awareness month, Erica shares what it's like to manage diabetes every day.

Megan Mejia

Away With Epilepsy Founder Offers Advice for Teens

When I was diagnosed, I had no one to talk to and no one to give me any wisdom they had learned from their own experience with epilepsy.


Before the Holidays, Consider These Misconceptions About Obesity & Healthy Eating

As research methods improve and our knowledge deepens, we are increasingly able to bust more and more myths about dieting and obesity.

Carter, Courtney and Chase

Managing Your Child’s Diabetes: Preventing Burnout

Diabetes doesn’t allow for sick days so here are some things to remember on the worst of the worst days.

T1D timeline

The Promising Future of T1D Management

Treatments and technological tools for managing T1D have come a long way in the last 100+ years since the discovery of insulin.

Diabetics on the Margin Panelists photo credit: Alfred Sarpeh

Who Are The Diabetics on The Margin?

It was the first time I had ever seen anything like it and it was magical. [photo credit: Alfred Sarpeh]

checking blood glucose with finger stick

Diabetes Awareness Month 2018

When you hear the word “diabetes” what words first come to mind?

Jumo Health Comic Books

For National Dyslexia Month, Break Out Some Comic Books

I could have been one of those left behind, but comic books pulled me out.

Scrolling on a cellphone day and night

The Connection Between Screen Time And Teen Mental Health

There are a number of simple steps you can take to turn off the screens and encourage other healthier activities.

1 in 5 experience mental illness

Mental Illness Awareness Week: 7 Mental Health Tips

Mental health conditions are common, and can affect anyone, young and old. At Jumo Health, we are committed to raising awareness.

two people holding hands

Cry When You Need To

The clattering of dinner plates. The bustling of waiters. The chatter of teenagers, celebrating the final run of their high school...

Izzy taking her inhaler on the soccer field

Asthma and Back To School: Six Steps To A Healthy Year

We’ve outlined six steps to take before diving into the new school year, especially if your child is attending a new school.

Jumo Health Family

Why Comic Books?

I came to realise that too often there is a gap between the language of those affected by illness, and the language of medicine.

Alex and Rebecca at the video shoot

Jumo Health: Working with Families

Since joining Jumo Health, I have been impressed by how much my colleagues know about the families that we feature in our content.

ADHD banner

ADHD and Media Use

A recent study, suggests that teenagers who frequently use digital social media may be at greater risk of developing ADHD.

Cutting a slip of paper that reads I can't do it

5 Ways to Help Children and Young Adults Cope with Depression

Adults who have depression find it difficult to deal with the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite and guilt while bearing the...

Eighth Grade Movie Review

Remembering What It’s Like To Be Thirteen: Eighth Grade Movie Review

It’s easy to forget just how it hard it is to be thirteen. Bo Burnham’s new movie, Eighth Grade, reminds us of these difficulties, with s...

Hope Virgo holding a shrimp

How to Keep Going When It Feels Impossible

The frustrating thing about anorexia, is that for many the voices will stay in your head for a very long time.

Damon Billeck in yellow bowtie and tuxedo

Damon: A Real Life Osteosarcoma Hero

We were thrilled to meet Damon Billeck, the star of our Understanding Osteosarcoma comic book.

swingset in black and white

Childhood Depression

Many well-intentioned adults still believe that children can’t get depressed. They are so young- what do they have to be depressed about?

Rebecca and Kerianne childhood photo

Crohn’s Disease Podcast | A Personal Connection

The first time I heard the term “Crohn’s disease” was in high school.

Tuberculosis vaccine black and white

Type 1 Diabetes Research Spotlight | Bringing New Life to an Old Vaccine

I had taken my pancreas for granted, until my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at 13 months, and myself, 3 months ago.

Jumo Health Mental Health Pledge Stamp

Our Mental Health Awareness Pledge

Mental illness, affects nearly 45 million adults and 17 million children. Join us in making mental health awareness a lifetime campaign.

MS comicbook characters and podcast episode playlist

Comics, Podcasts and MS | In My Words - Adriana's Story

We are so excited to announce the newest installment of Jumo Health's In My Words podcast series.

Hashtag Stop The Stigma on lined paper

Silent No More

CEO Kevin Aniskovich speaks candidly about the loss of his friend and Jumo's commitment to mental health.

Mental Health awareness ribbon

How To Get Involved And Support Mental Health Awareness Month 2018

Jumo Health talks about the importance of starting the mental health conversation with young adults and stopping the stigma.

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network  logo

SCHN and Oneview Receive 2018 Microsoft Health Innovation Award

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and Oneview Healthcare receive Microsoft Corp.’s 2018 Health Innovation Award for “Engage Your Patients.”

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PRA Health (PRAH) Shares Rally on Partnership with Jumo Health

PRA Health (PRAH) and Jumo Health partnership results in impressive stock performance and near future growth predictions.

PRA Health Science logo

PRA Health Sciences Announces Partnership With Jumo Health

PRA Health partners with Jumo Health to bridge the gap between caregivers and patients during pediatric clinical trials.

Medikidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes cover

Ascensia Diabetes Care and Jumo Make Learning About Diabetes Fun

Ascensia Diabetes Care and Jumo Health team up to help kids understand their type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

Understanding Transitional Care in Epilepsy cover

Eisai Launches Medikidz Explain Epilepsy Comic Book

The sixth installment of the epilepsy comic book series, focuses on the transition from pediatric to adult health care.

Today we are excited to usher in a new name to signify the extension of our brand. We're expanding beyond our signature comic books to all forms of learning for children, families, and their care teams.

New Leader, New Offerings, New Name: Medikidz Is Now Jumo Health

Medikidz evolves into Jumo Health as the company unveils its new leader and expanded product portfolio.

Medkidz Explain COPD comic book characters

Medikidz and COPD Foundation: Partnership of Superhero Proportion

In "Medikidz Explain COPD," the Medikidz help Andrew and Hannah understand their grandma's COPD and how they can support her.

Medikidz Explain LGS comic book characters

Eisai Launches Medikidz Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Comic Book

"Medikidz Explain LGS," the fifth installment of the epilepsy comic book series, is a story about Jackson, who lives with LGS.

Eisai Advancing Epilepsy Care website

Esai Launches Medikidz Explain Playing Sports With Epilepsy

“Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy,” was inspired by 12-year-old Hannah and Olympic medal-winning ice hockey player Chanda Gunn.

FiercePharma logo

Pharma Partner Medikidz Aims To Be Children's Health Ed Superhero

Founder Dr. Kate Hersov talks about the Medikidz move from print to digital resources to educate and help children live healthy lives.

Medikidz Explain Asthma comic book cover

Meda Explains Asthma With Medikidz Comic Book Series For Children

The “Medikidz Explain Asthma” comic book tells ten-year-old Savion's story in terms kids can understand and relate to.

Meda Pharmaceuticals logo

Meda Launches Part 3 Of The Medikidz Explain Asthma Comic Books

“Medikidz Explain Asthma” series, helps kids manage their asthma, and overcome challenges associated with chronic illnesses.