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The Pearl 1 & Pearl 2 Studies

The Problem

Recruitment and Retention. A teen specific study, this age cohort is often particularly difficult to enroll. The solution needed to address the fear and anxiety often associated with clinical trials and premature patient dropout.

The Solution
Teen sitting in a dark box with knees pulled toward their chest exhibiting feelings of anxiety and fear about participating in a clinical trial

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive program of print resources designed exclusively for teenage participants based on typical social situations that provided comfort to those maturing to adulthood. Resources were also developed for caregivers in a move to keep the care circle engaged and informed to mitigate possible retention issues.

The Products
A doctor and young adult help teen stand up to offer support and comfort

The Products

Recruitment Poster, Study Introduction, Study Overview, multiple versions for each age cohort for Understanding Clinical Trials, Study Schedule, Understanding CSU & Your Study, and Thank You Cards

Get Started
Teen reading study schedule, with a supportive caregiver behind her
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