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Clinical Trials

A full service suite of educational resources localized for a global audience of all ages - from recruitment to retention serving sponsors and CROs.

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“I've never worked with a more professional and enthusiastic partner in any of my trials ... it has been such a pleasure working with the Jumo team throughout the entire process.”

- Emilee Richard, Clinical Trial Manager, Sanofi

Recruit faster. Retain longer.

We use mixed media to present complex medical information in ways that address a lack of health literacy and reading comprehension. This approach increases understanding and drives compliance. This approach doesn’t look like it was produced on a typewriter, but the entire care circle will thank you.

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Our Experience

We serve the needs of life sciences on a global scale with evidence based, peer reviewed, and age appropriate resources.

Therapeutic Areas

Mitigating Dropout

Study teams turn to us at different times and for different reasons - this study was no exception. There are many barriers to successful recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Learn how we reversed the fear and anxiety that often accompanies participant decisions.

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Difficult Protocol

Clinical trials are often a global undertaking with complicated protocols. Resources that are designed to ensure understanding and compliance must be adapted to local audiences. Learn how we met the study team’s request to serve kids across 23 countries.

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Teen Specific Content

Teenagers are not just kids that make adults scratch their heads - they represent an important cohort with specific needs. See how we addressed an issue that plagues many pediatric trials: global teen engagement.

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