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Senior Director, Marketing

Marketing, Full-Time, Reporting to CEO

The successful candidate will be responsible for the Company’s marketing communications strategy and its execution in furtherance of the Company’s growth objectives. The strategic positioning will support general awareness within the markets served, multiple B2B efforts and, to a lesser degree, B2C positioning.

This includes, but is not limited to, the development of strategic and tactical plans to generate brand awareness, sales leads, and conversions (including institutional/individual book sales), and win industry awards.

Marketing efforts that align to the following customer segments:

  1. In Market: Jumo Health brand awareness and equity, lead generation, and sales
  2. In Trial: Jumo Health brand awareness and equity, lead generation, and sales
  3. Institutions (Payor, Provider, Pharmacy): book sales
  4. Direct-to-consumer: Book sales

The position is responsible for the following areas:

1. Marketing Communications

        a. Digital Marketing

             i. Social media

             ii. Paid advertising/Online marketing

             iii. Website

             iv. Blog/press releases

             v. Email marketing

        b. Traditional marketing/Public relations

        c. Events/Conferences/Speaker events

        d. Awards identification and submissions

2. Community Outreach

        a. Establishing new and maintaining existing advocacy group relationships

        b. Evolve relationships as per corporate strategic direction

        c. Hospital/Provider relationships

3. Medical Advisory Board(s)

        a. Working within current framework and augmenting as needed in support of efforts


Marketing Strategy

  • Develop annual strategic marketing plan that supports company growth objectives
  • The strategic multicultural marketing plan will omnichannel, tactical/campaign guidance, and budget allocation
  • Align with sales approach to ensure appropriate focus
  • Quarterly review
  • Manage annual marketing budget; monitor planned vs. actual spend

Marketing Communications Calendar

  • Develop marketing communications calendar (as it relates to the annual strategic marketing plan)
  • Execute marketing communications calendar every month, ensuring that all content and creative is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality, and tone of voice, and optimized for search
  • Measure/analyze marcomm activities, taking remedial action as necessary

Public Relations

  • Write and distribute press releases (using third parties as needed)
  • Develop relationships with online/print industry news sources (MM&M, etc.) for Jumo Health articles (primary interviews or secondary quotes in an effort to ensure Jumo Health is seen as a subject matter expert)

Advocacy/Provider Management

  • Develop relationships with advocacy groups
  • Identify areas for partnership opportunities, including but not limited to, co-branded assets, press releases, etc.
  • Coordinates commercial opportunities

Medical and Community Advisory Boards

  • Attend quarterly or ad hoc meetings
  • Leverage M/CABs for content, thought articles, podcasts, etc.
  • Sales Support
  • Develop library of assets for sales team to use, including decks/email templates


  • Identify and proactively manage conferences/events throughout calendar year
  • Responsible for event/conference execution, including collateral development
  • Determine speaker engagements for leadership team; develop collateral materials needed for speaker engagements


Process Oriented

The process by which you accomplish your objectives involves a number of distinct skills and/or abilities as defined below. These skills and the key observable and measurable behavior associated with each are noted below:

1. Perception & Analysis. Ability to accurately identify the key elements of the task at hand; to understand the implications and impact of one decision or action on subsequent events; to generate appropriate solutions.

  • Understands the components of publishing strategies and applies the same in the delivery of a finished publication (digital or traditional).
  • Recognizes client needs and relates same to work plans.
  • Helps identify and anticipate potential problems and identify alternative solutions.
  • Recognizes the opportunity to utilize appropriate outside and Company resources.
  • Recognizes constraints placed on projects by clients, customers, and regulatory groups.
  • Knows when appropriate management and customer approvals are required.

2. Organizing & Planning. The ability to establish priorities and objectives; to gather, classify, categorize and readily retrieve information to meet deadlines.

  • Understands the necessity for planned and thorough account research and the role it plays in development.
  • Sets up complete and orderly project work plans on a timely basis.
  • Prioritizes assigned projects and revises plans when required.
  • Handles work flow on assigned projects so that no internal project due-date extensions or revisions are required.
  • Develops complete project conference and status reports per (internal or external) client, as needed.
  • Balances the importance of an activity versus the constraints that serve to prevent it from occurring.
  • Coordinating and managing the activities necessary to meet the needs of assignments

3. Decision-making. The ability to use sound and logical judgment in coming to a solution of a problem; and the ability to generate alternative solutions.

  • Makes realistic/workable commitments.
  • Recommends sound solutions and ideas.
  • Balances the needs of the client with the Company on assigned projects.
  • Heads off potential conflicts and problems before they materialize.
  • Involves appropriate internal resources.
  • Compromises when necessary to resolve an impasse.

4. Initiative. The ability to take action by oneself without direction from others; to anticipate and develop solutions to problems without the aid of others for assigned projects.

  • Takes assignments readily.
  • Motivates self; needs no prodding or direction.
  • Offers unsolicited suggestions and ideas.
  • Gives extra effort and hours to the job.
  • Anticipates problems before they surface.
  • Maintains and continually improves personal knowledge base.
  • Collaborating with co-workers and supervisor to effectively review and set strategy

5. Flexibility. The ability to maintain constructive behavior in the face of adversity; to manage stress and pressure in working through assigned tasks.

  • Changes course of action when appropriate or necessary.
  • Handles pressure and stress without sacrificing quality.
  • Maintains constructive project goal direction in face of unanticipated time constraints.

6. Oral Communications. The ability to deliver clear, concise and accurate messages to others through oral means; to listen carefully to others.

  • Maintains clear communications channels with all Company personnel.
  • Organizing thoughts in a logical, clear and concise manner.
  • Is able to persuade or “sell” ideas to others.
  • Ability to effectively present information in a one-on-one or group situation

7. Written Communications. The ability to deliver clear, concise and accurate message through written means.

  • Organizes thoughts in a logical, clear and concise manner.
  • Uses appropriate examples and/or analogies to clarify ideas and issues when necessary.

8. Reasoning Skills. The ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out solutions based on detailed and sometimes involved regulations or instructions.

Computer Skills

The holder of this position shall display a complete comfort level with computers. The Company uses Apple hardware. Furthermore, you shall demonstrate competency with software used to ensure the job description provided herein can be adequately met. Software to be used will range from Google business suite to Microsoft Office including Word and Excel; For those using Apple products, additional software competency will be required. Additionally, email, customer relationship management software, and project management software shall be required.

About Jumo Health

Jumo Health develops age-appropriate, educational resources for patients and caregivers for use throughout their medical journey.

By working with providers, manufacturers, and advocacy groups, we ensure our resources are available at the moment of diagnosis, during a treatment regimen, or while participating in a clinical trial. With the belief that an informed patient is a compliant patient, Jumo Health designs practical solutions using familiar - and desired - mediums. With experience providing resources to more than 70+ countries in 80+ languages, and covering more than 110 therapeutic areas, our mixed media solutions range from comic books to animated videos, are evidence based and peer reviewed, pay careful attention to health literacy and reading comprehension barriers - all to ensure patients can understand and follow their physician’s instructions.

To the applicants

Jumo Health is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, genetic information, creed, citizenship, disability, protected veteran or marital status.

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