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About Us

We are a collective of medical folk, product people, designers, storytellers, and various personalities across 3 continents that share a common desire to change health care.

Our Story

We create health care experiences for patients and caregivers that give them the foundation to understand complex medical issues and comply with physician instructions.

Our Story

We’re not an agency. We’re subject matter experts. Our resources are written by doctors, evidence based, and peer reviewed. You’ll never see a “paid actor” disclaimer in any of our works, just real patients and real stories.

Our Why
The Why

There are widespread deficiencies in reading comprehension and in health literacy. This isn’t new. Patients and caregivers find it difficult to understand medical jargon and technical health care instructions and, as such, optimal outcomes often aren’t met. This isn’t new either. And we just can’t accept it.

So, we develop solutions that marry the visual with the verbal to foster better understanding and greater reach. Our resources use numerous learning modalities tailored to multiple age levels to ensure compliance and pave the way to optimal care.

Our Values

Core Values

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We don’t compromise. Our educational content is written by experienced medical professionals and is above reproach. This provides our clients with the confidence to prescribe our solutions to their consumers and study sites the world over.

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We encourage collaboration at all levels to foster innovation and to distinguish our brand in the markets we serve. We commit to this goal through the creation of an open, safe, and rewarding environment that enables growth.

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We listen. We research. We counsel. We collaborate. We are wildly committed to our clients and the markets we serve. We want to know your business and your patients so that we can best meet your needs. Real people, real stories.

Proud to Serve

From pharmaceutical manufacturers and providers to CROs and advocacy groups, we’re proud to serve a wide range of clients, including:

We are a dedicated bunch whose passion for our work runs deep. We harness our collective strengths and compassion to provide age appropriate health care resources to a global audience.